I’ve wanted to take a serious approach in calligraphy which have been deeply familiar to me since my childhood.

I decided to dedicate myself to calligraphy as a professional, when I could recover from life threatening disease in my late 30’s.
Since then, I have been engaged actively in calligraphy with an unorthodox idea.

Just drawing one single line in blank space produces the another world where we can feel refreshing breeze blowing through window of
our mindsets, or something dignified.
Day by day, I have been becoming aware of how deep the world of calligraphy is, and been fascinated to pursue the resonance of
calligraphy. That’s how I have cherished the sense of attaining the ultimate in calligraphy.

Also, I started challenging to rethink the concept of calligraphy from different point of view by incorporating the elements of
graphic design.
Through trial and error, I finally established my original style, which is the combination of calligraphy and Sumi, or calligraphy
and photography.

My aim is to create the only one view of the world which expresses intrinsic beauty of women, like softness, sensitivity , and sexiness.

七澤 菜波 Nanami Nanasawa


菜波倶楽部 Mail Magazine